We believe filmmaking is a powerful tool to create connections and get conversations started around the complex topic of mental illness.


Celebrate who you are and share your vision of the world.

Bring your "A" game and we will too

Covid Disruption 

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The 2020 intake of students was really exciting.  11 new students and 3 from last year in an Advanced Course.  The future was bright and amazing ideas were being developed by students.   However, the program was suspended halfway through due to Covid restrictions and will start again as soon as possible. 

This Just In

"Clouding Around" a film by Hannah (LOOK 2019) has recently been nominated in the prestigious animation category at the Yorkton International Film festival. 


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Season 1 - Screening

LOOK student films premiered on the opening night of RIFFA  (August 13, 2019).  The films were very well received and a question and answer session followed.

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Student Experience

I would encourage a great number of my peers to join this course in the future. Trevor, Layton, as well as everyone else involved are incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, and engaging individuals. I have learned not only how to use a camera, but duly the importance behind the usage of a camera and its ability to navigate, captivate, and provoke an audience through various artful techniques. Likewise, the in depth teachings of past films and documentaries of all kinds were both interesting as well as informative - to the extent in which one may even consider them inspiring. I can honestly say I have thoroughly enjoyed this program and thought it increasingly compelling with each passing week.



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